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A big misconception with many people is that hammocks are only to be used outdoors, in the summer when the day is hot, and when a person needs a quiet place to retreat! Actually, hammocks can be used anytime of the year, indoors, outdoors, for camping, boating, as bed furniture, and much more!

Picture yourself on a crisp fall evening with beautiful changing leaves of every color scattered about the ground. You and your significant other would love some time alone but you are both tired of the same old ritual of snuggling in front of the fire. Make a change and move outdoors to your comfortable and inviting hammock. The only things you need are the love of your life and a cozy blanket with which to snuggle.

While you can use any blanket for your hammock, why not go all out and purchase a blanket specially designed for hammocks. Not only are these blankets durable, cozy, and perfect for keeping the chill off, they are beautifully designed and come in a number of colors and styles to fit any outdoor or indoor décor.

The Mexican woven blanket is beautiful, colorful, and versatile. For example, you will find a wonderfully, soft woven blanket, measuring four feet by six feet, plenty big enough for the two of you to snuggle in. This particular blanket is ideal and provides just the right amount of warmth so you can lazily relax and gaze up at the bright stars. You will find this blanket in wonderful multi colors, and if you like, you can use it indoors as well, perfect for lounging in front of the fire on those cold, snowy nights!

Another popular blanket that is perfect for your hammock is the fleece blanket. This blanket is made from amazingly soft fleece, making your evening in the hammock even more comfortable. When not using your fleece blanket outdoors on your hammock, use it at your favorite outdoor sporting event to stay warm, or as an added source of heat at home. Additionally, this blanket would be perfect for keeping in your car during the winter months just in case you should ever become stranded. The fleece blanket comes in brilliant colors such as red, navy, purple, forest green, wine, and for those that prefer simple things, natural.

These blankets are only made from the best quality, 16-ounce, non-pill fleece fabric, which is why they are so incredible. To ensure durability, the fleece blanket is finished with a merrow blanket stitch. Regardless if you choose the Mexican, fleece, or home blanket, your enchanted evening will be complete and perfect!
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