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Hammock frames will allow you to enjoy your hammock anywhere, even if you don't have trees or anchor points readily available. There are three major types of hammock frames - stainless steel, wood, and steel - with each type offering its own, unique advantages.

Unlike stands, hammock frames offer quick set up for people who are on the move.

Stainless steel frames never rusts, keeping your patio or deck free of rust stains and dirt marks. The stainless steel stand is a good selection for outdoor use in regions prone to inclement weather.

Wood frames also resist the elements and offer a refined look. Metal hardware on these frames is generally plated with zinc for rust protection so they're completely weatherproof. Many wooden hammock frames have capacities of 450 pounds or more!

Steel hammock frames are not only strong, they're economical. They often can be assembled in a matter of minutes without tools, and are available in a wide array of colors and styles.
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