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After you have purchased your hammock, you may want to consider adding some accessories that will increase the usefullness and enjoyment of the hammock. These accessories are availiable through a variety of retailers and are suited to enhance your hammock owning experience in a variety of types of weather and circumstances.

If you plan to spend long hours on your rope hammock a quality hammock pillow and pad are necessary accessories. Their are a variety of speacialty hammock pillows designed to increase comfort by supporting your head and neck. Hammock pillows come in many shapes and colors suited to meet the needs of individual users. Most hammock pillows fasten securely to the spreader bars of a hammock. Their are also a number of quality hammock pads availiable to hammock users. Pad offer increased comfort and help to prevent rope indentations that occur from extended hammock use. As with pillows, most pads may be securely tied to the hammock. These pads are a great complement to a hammock and a soft, comfortable pillow. Most of the pads and pillows availiable for hammocks are covered with weather-resistant acrylic materials that are easy to clean.

Many hammock users have invested in weatherproof covers for their hammocks. These covers serve to protect your fully assembled hammock, canopy, stand and accessories for a short period of time or an entire season. They are generally quite durable and most include zippers that close to protect the hammock and its accessories from various elements. Furthermore, these covers offer the convenience of leaving your hammock fully assembled during poor weather conditions.

Another accessory that you may consider is mosquito netting for your hammock. If you live in a climate where mosquitos and other bugs limit the time you can comfortably spend outdoors in the evening this may be a great solution for you. Durable netting made from nylon mesh or other comparable materials, keep insects out while allowing cool breezes to blow through. Relaxing in the bug-free environment that mosquito netting provides, will undoubtedly increase your hammock enjoyment.

Hammock canopies are great for hammock use in the summertime as they provide a shady retreat from the warm sun. Canopies are also ideal for wet weather as most are made of weather-resistant material designed to keep the hammock and its occupant dry. Many canopies may be easily fastened to and supported by a hammock stand. Whether it is used for shade or rain, a hammock canopy will certainly increase the usage of your hammock.

Another item that you may wish to acquire is a hammock table. Some hammock stands have tables that may be easily attatched to them. These tables provide a great place to keep beverages, snacks and reading material handy while you relax in our hammock. Many models are equipped with a swivel allowing you to position the table away from the swinging motion of the hammock when its not in use, and position it near the hammock when you want access to your things.
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