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Once you own a hammock, you can quickly become a fanatic, preferring your hammock to your sofa or recliner regardless of the season. The comfort is exceptional, and being outdoors is such an improvement over being locked away in the house. What could be more perfect? The right accessories!

For those who want a softer, more luxurious feel to their hammock, hammock pads will provide comfort along with durability. Made from mildew-resistant fabrics and filling, these pads add a layer of softness and style to any hammock. Pillows made from the same material can be used, providing the perfect addition to your hammock for neck and head support when reading or relaxing. These pads and pillows are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste.

Accessories that are more practical include tree-ties that make the job of putting your hammock between two trees a simple process. With heavy-gauge chain and straps that will not damage trees, they ensure secure mounting of your hammock. For stand-mounted hammocks, wheel kits provide mobility so you can easily move your hammock when it is time to mow the lawn or rearrange the yard. Other accessories include the hammock shade, for those who enjoy a warm breeze but not the blazing sun. Made of durable cotton canvas, the hammock shade is the perfect solution to enjoying the outdoors without getting that miserable sunburn if you fall asleep while relaxing, which is common.

A hammock stand is made from a variety of materials, and designed to enhance your hammock. You will find these constructed from metal to fine-quality exotic woods. If you do not have a good selection of trees in your yard, or you prefer the flexibility of relocating your hammock at will, a hammock stand will increase your options and overall enjoyment. Choosing the right stand depends upon the hammock size, your preferred price range, and personal style. The right stand will not only do the job, but also do it with elegance.

If you have friends who use and love their hammock, hammock accessories would make an excellent gift, sure to be appreciated. Decorative, weather-resistant throws in a variety of styles and colors will add to their enjoyment, and be a gift that they will not only use, but also cherish. Other accessories include small side tables or drink holders that can easily accommodate that tall glass of lemonade or hot coffee while relaxing in your hammock. With the right accessories, you may never want to leave your hammock!
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