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When it comes to hanging hammocks, you will find it easier than you thought. When hanging your hammock from a tree hook, you want to make sure there is from four to five feet of space from the ground to the hammock. If you have supports located closer than this, you can simply raise the tree hooks. Many people love hammocks in the backyard, stretched between two trees, which provide the perfect place for peace and quiet. If you have two trees that are from 15 to 17 feet apart, then you have the ideal solution for hanging your hammock. For the distance of 15 feet, you can use traditional hammocks while the 17-foot distance is perfect for hammocks from Mayan. If your two trees are slightly closer together, you can adjust the tree straps or chain to make it work. If your trees are spread further apart than 17 feet, you can make adjustments accordingly by using additional chain.

Some people think just because they only have one tree in their yard, the comfort and relaxation of a soft, cotton hammock cannot be enjoyed. In truth, a hammock can be hung using one tree with no trouble. As long as you have the adequate space as specified above, then you can hang a hammock. In place of the second tree, you would have a post placed in the ground that would act as the anchor. In fact, most of these posts can be set up so the base is set just below the ground's surface, making mowing a cinch. The pole can be pulled out and placed back in with ease. If you want to use wood, visit your local lumber company, purchase a 4-inch-by-4-inch piece of lumber, and use it in the base instead of the pole.

Okay, what happens if you have the perfect spot in your yard but no trees? No need to worry since there is a solution for this situation as well. Hammock stands have become quite popular and come in steel or wood. In addition, you can choose from a number of colors, sizes, and shapes, perfect for any yard or scheme. Some hammocks come with all the hanging hardware, such as the Captain's Line from Hatteras and Pawley's Island, while other hammocks require a separate purchase, such as Mayan. However, at Mayan, you can purchase quality tree straps that are perfect if you have trees but hate to poke screws into them.

Many people like the tree straps since they offer the convenience of moving the hammock from place to place, again, without damaging any trees. Tree straps are heavy-duty and simply wrap around the tree while securing the hammock perfectly. If you decide to use tree straps, be sure you have 10 feet and heavy-duty rings for the best stability. Some people think straps are not as sturdy as screws, which is not accurate since they can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. Regardless of which option you choose, after a hard day of work or play, you will be glad you made the decision to purchase a hammock!
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