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Hammock Hanging Kits
To ensure the safety and comfort of your hammock, you will need the proper hanging accessories, which are available in a variety of kits to suit whatever setting you will be using for your new hammock. The kits will contain all the components you need to properly mount your hammock whether it is indoors, outdoors on a deck, under the eaves or between two trees.

If you want to permanently mount your hammock between two trees, the proper kit will include permanent mounting hooks that will not damage the growth of the tree. This type of kit will include two 18-inch lengths of chain, four "S" hooks, and two 3/8-inch by 4 -inch Eye Lag hooks. For a sturdier hold, such as what you would need for a deluxe or oversized hammock, buy a kit with the heavier hardware weight to ensure safety.

Mounting kits for your hammock stand are also available in a number of styles. Most will have 18-inch chains, two "S" hooks, the Eye Lag hooks and two spring links. These make mounting your hammock on a stand extremely simple and safe.

The sturdiest of kits will be needed for a hammock to be suspended from walls, ceilings or overhead patio beams. These will include industrial strength Lag Eye bolts, spring lings, and high-gauge climber ropes for suspension. When using this type of kit, the ropes should be able to handle at least a 25-foot distance, as there is added length needed to accommodate such mountings.

The most important thing to remember when installing your hammock is to use the proper equipment and mounting accessories so that you can relax in your new hammock with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it is properly installed. With the right kit, you can be sure that you will be enjoying your hammock worry free for years to come.
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