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Hammock Hanging Accessories
Whether you are buying a hammock, large or small, or a hammock chair, you will need certain types of hanging accessories. For the standard hammock chair, you will find kits that include a heavy-duty screw hook and a 7-inch nylon rope. With just those simple accessories, you will be relaxing in your hammock chair in no time.

If you want something a little bit more from hanging accessories that will hold up a two-person hammock chair, look for kits that feature two 18-inch pieces of chain, along with four S hooks. This kit has everything in it needed to put your hammock up within no time. When it comes to tree screws, you want to use them when you have a permanent hanging site.

With trees, the growth of the tree comes from the tree bark. If the tree screws for your hammock deter the growth, then the tree will not grow as well. However, if you decide to remove the screws and move the hammock with you to another place, be sure to treat the tree at the site of the hold in order to stop insects from getting into the healthy part of the tree and doing harm. For permanent tree hooks, you want a kit that comes with two 18-inch pieces of chain, four S hooks, and two 3/8-inch by 4 -inch Eye Lag hooks. Again, these can be used with your tree but be sure to treat it when the hooks are removed.

For this kit, you want space ranging from 12-feet to 25-feet and 15-feet of nylon rope, marine type, and two industrial screws. For the deluxe chain hammock kit, you will find everything from two 18-inch pieces of rope, two S hooks, and two spring links.

If you will be hanging your hammock from a stand, you will find a number of hanging kits making the process extra easy. The deluxe chain hanging kit includes two 18-inch pieces of chain, two S hooks, two 3/8-inch x 4 -inch Eye Lag hooks, and two spring links. For trees, the deluxe hanging kit includes two industrial Lag Eye bolts, two large spring links, and two 8-inch high capacity climbers rope. For this particular kit, you can hang your hammock from walls, ceilings, trees, decks, patio overhead beams, and much more. The rope included in the kit can handle up to 25-feet in distance.

As you can see, if you have any concern about where your hammock can hang, you will find hanging kits to accommodate any situation. Now, there is no reason to put buying a hammock on hold any longer. Head out today and find a hammock you can enjoy indoors or outdoors.
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