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Hammock Pillows II
Once your hammock is hung and you are ready for some quiet time of relaxation, make sure you do not forget the pillows. Although you could use a pillow from your home, you can purchase pillows that compliment your hammock design and color as well as provide you with ultimate comfort. Hammock pillows come in several types of fabrics and weaves.

Just imagine getting climbing into your hammock, finding the most comfortable position, and then resting your head on a nice, soft pillow so you can take a much-needed nap. Many of the pillows created specifically for hammocks are made from an amazingly soft weave fabric and have non-absorbent, hypo-allergic, poly-fiber fill, so that you have the comfort and your pillow will last a long time.

The problem with pillows used from the home is that they are not created to withstand the outdoor elements and if left out in the rain, they will mold and mildew. The result is a smelly pillow that has to be thrown away. Additionally, if you leave the home pillow outdoors during a rainstorm, the inside and outside material will become soaking wet. In comparison, pillows that are specifically designed for hammocks will hold up much longer while still providing comfort and style.

To ensure the pillows do not fall on the ground or move around while you are trying to relax, most are designed with special Velcro straps that can easily attach directly to your hammock or if you prefer, you can use the brass grommets sewn into the corner of the pillows to tie the pillow into place. Now that the pillows are securely in place, all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

Regardless of the pattern or design of your hammock or hammock chair, you will have numerous options for pillows. Most hammock companies offer a variety of colors made from polyester or cotton. If you want to really jazz up the look of your hammock, you will find pillows with beautiful embroidered designs such as geese, deer, cranes, frogs, or if you like, you can have a design custom made.

If you prefer something more simplistic, most hammock companies sell beautiful pillows in tan, taupe, ivory, white, navy, herbal green, and hunter green, which is by far the best seller. Pawley's Island and Mayan offer just about any type of pillow you would want, with prices ranging from $20 to $50, but be sure to watch for those incredible sales!
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