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If you are the proud owner of a comfortable hammock, you already know just how incredible it is. Hammocks are now designed to wrap your body and give you a peaceful place to relax. You can find hammocks used as beds indoors, as backyard retreats, or even for rugged camping. Regardless of the type of hammock you own, if you are planning to hang your hammock between two trees or poles, you need to purchase the right type of tree straps. The reason is that it will keep the tree from being harmed and it will give you better support when you want to lounge in your cozy hammock.

Hammock tie-down straps can be found at any hammock store and they are specially designed to keep your hammock from spinning whenever it becomes windy. When you are not lying in your hammock, if the wind kicks up, the hammock can become twisted. The result is that the hammock can be damaged and you have a mess in untangling the hammock. These straps can also be used to connect the hammock from a hammock stand and the spreader bar.

The most commonly used straps are tree straps, which allow you to stretch your hammock between two trees or posts. This type of hanging system is excellent if you plan to move your hammock or for camping hammocks where the location is only temporary. Generally, the tree strap consists of heavy duty nylon that is approximately two inches wide and about ten inches long. The way this works is that one end has a loop and the other end a ring made from steel. The strap is wrapped around the tree as many times as necessary to get your hammock as stretched as you like. Once that is done, the steel ring is inserted through the loop at the opposite end. These straps provide security and when tightened, they not only keep the tree from being damaged, but they also keep the hammock from slipping. The tree straps are very easy to install and do not require any special tools. The steel ring acts as the point of attachment and the straps also come with an S hook so you can attach your hammock chain or ring to the ring on the tree strap.

Another item you might want to consider is the hammock rocker kit. If you love resting in your hammock and enjoy the gentle swaying motion as you relax, the hammock rocker kit will help you out. The kit comes with a metal stake that is driven into the ground, a strong cotton rope, a pull handle, and a pulley assembly. Now when you get comfortable in your hammock, you can rock easier.
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