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Hammock - Pawley's Island
Back in 1989, the original Pawley's Island Rope Hammock was created at Pawley's Island, which is among the oldest summer resorts in South Carolina.

The riverboat pilot, Captain Joshua John Ward, used the South Carolina coast for hauling rice and miscellaneous supplies from Georgetown to the rice plantations in the low country, and then back again. The trip was long and hot and as a way of staying cool, he took cotton rope and decided to create a hammock for the boat. The spreaders he used were made from wood but had no knots. Immediately, he was amazed at the level of comfort and before long, people started paying attention and wanted to know about this "hammock."

While the traditional hammock was made from all cotton or polyester rope that had been spun soft, today's hammocks are made from a variety of materials. At Pawley's, stretcher bars are made from cut, seasoned Carolina red oak. The wood is then steamed, bent into the desired shape, holes drilled for the rope, sanded, and finally varnished for a nice finished look. These spreaders are designed to provide a gentle swing of the hammock and to keep the ropes spread out evenly for comfort and stability.

When visiting Pawley's Island, you can look into the weaving room as each hammock is knitted. These artisans are skilled and work with a needle of rope as they create the hammock's body. Each pattern is symmetric, adding a special touch to the unique craft. If you listen to the people making hammocks, you will enjoy an unusual southern style of dialect that comes from the low country and is very much a part of their heritage.

When the hammock body has been woven, it is then connected to the plaited ends and strung through the red oak stretcher bars. Once the rope is through, special nautical knots are tied, keeping the rope securely in place. Before any of the hammocks can be shipped out to customers, they are thoroughly inspected and marked with a special metal tag, verifying authenticity of being an original Pawley's Island Rope Hammock, which is registered.

The Pawley Hammock is now sold around the globe, providing the opportunity for people to experience the same extraordinary hammock Captain Ward experienced. In fact, Pawley's Hammocks were recognized in 1997 as the National Association of Casual Furniture Manufacturer of the Year. Additionally, Pawley's Island was the very first manufacturing company in the United States making hammocks. When looking for the best hammocks in the world, turn to Pawley's Island, Magic Johnson, Tom Sellect, Barbara Mandrell, and Karem Abdul Jabar did.
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