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Although hammocks have only recently had resurgence in popularity in the United States, they have a long and wonderful history. A young student of Socrates called Alcibiades is believed to have invented the hammock around 450 BC. Christopher Columbus "discovered" them when he came upon natives of the West Indies relaxing in them under the trees in the 15th century. They have been in and out of popularity around the world ever since, but have never left the stage entirely.

One of the premier manufacturers of hammocks, Hatteras Hammocks, makes a variety of hammocks from top quality materials. Each Hatteras Deluxe Cotton Rope Hammock uses almost 31 miles of cotton yarn. In these 31 miles, each rope is made up of about 150 single yarns tightly twisted together. Although rope hammocks continue to be the most popular, in 1999 Hatteras Hammocks used enough fabric to cover more than 70 football fields. Additionally, they used more than 750 miles of steel tubing in hammock stands. Considering that twice as many hammocks as stands are sold each year, that is a lot of hammocks and stands!

A properly trained and experienced Hatteras hammock weaver can produce 80 hammocks a week. Each of these 80 hammocks is still entirely made by hand. The experienced weavers at Hatteras ensure that every hammock is properly woven and assembled for lasting use. The Hatteras Hammocks Company has been known historically for progressive programs for employees. It has been recognized for employing the disabled, and has been associated with the North Carolina School for the Blind, where students used to be taught hammock weaving by the Hatteras Hammocks employees, who also donated supplies to the school. Many of these students eventually opened companies of their own. In fact, Hatteras Hammocks currently acknowledges a former student of the school for being their top weaver, consistently producing eighty hammocks a week.

Other honors received by Hatteras Hammocks include an "Employer of the Year" award from the N.C. Rehabilitation Association and the Pitt County Committee, a certificate of appreciation from the Coastal Plains Epilepsy Association, and a nomination for Employer of the Year by the National Mental Health Association. Another distinction held by Hatteras Hammocks is what could be the world record for the largest hammock, although the Guinness Book of World Records does not have an official hammock category. The company made a model 40 feet long and 12 feet wide for Mr. Perkins's son who was pledging a fraternity at North Carolina State University. For many years, this Hatteras hammock was proudly displayed in the courtyard!
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