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Nags Head Hammocks are some of the finest quality hammocks on the market for a number of reasons. Their high standards of excellence and superior quality are what make a Nags Head Hammock the perfect investment in a truly fine piece of furniture. These hammocks are made from the best, American-made rope that meets exacting standards. The stretchers and wood parts are all made of white oak, the hardest, most durable wood available. White oak was the wood most often used in old whaling ships because of its resistance to the elements and incredible strength. The wood is always hand-formed and sanded, then varnished, buffed, and varnished again. A final, third coat of varnish completes the process, making the wood fixtures the most carefully finished pieces available.

The hardware on a Nags Head Hammock is custom made from a heavy gauge, galvanized metal for easy installation and safety. To ensure that all components meet rigorous standards, a series of quality control checks are performed. For superior comfort, Nags Head uses a steam heat process to bend the oak stretcher bars. This time-honored process enhances the comfort of the hammock, and one seldom used when making hammocks today. The slight curve improves the fit of the hammock and increases stability. Some people will tell you that it also adds to the unusual beauty of a Nags Head Hammock.

Nags Head Hammocks are made from high-quality materials, including polyester, which is a very soft rope often mistaken for cotton. Polyester is resistant to the elements and does not fade in sunlight. It takes dye beautifully, making it an excellent choice if you would like a colorful hammock or one that will last an exceptionally long time. Cotton hammocks, although not as resistant to the elements, is still favored by some for their natural beauty.

The Nags Head Hammocks come in a variety of sizes with the most popular size being the 54-inch by 84-inch hammock. This size is exceptional and ideal for holding two adults comfortably. The 60-inch hammock is considered family sized, and makes the ideal place for the entire family to lounge on a lazy Saturday afternoon. In addition to traditional hammocks, Nags Head makes a variety of hammock swings and hanging chairs. If you are looking for superior quality, rich, vibrant colors, and something every member of the family will enjoy, a Nags Head Hammock is ideal.
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