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Cleaning and Storage - Hammocks without Spreader Bars
Caring for your hammock includes properly cleaning and storing it so that it gives you years of pleasure. There are a few different methods to clean a hammock without spreader bars. Most common is hand washing, although you can also use a washing machine if you are careful and make sure you use the proper washer settings.

Machine washing is simpler for you, but should only be done if you have a gentle cycle on your machine. If so, take the two end rings in one hand, folding the hammock in half. Tie the hammock together with string just below the joined rings, then tie the hammock together again near the opposite end and then tie one more loop of string around the middle. These three ties are to prevent tangles in the hammock while it is agitating. Put the whole thing into a cotton or cotton blend pillowcase and tie this firmly closed. It is important that the pillowcase not come open during the wash or rinse cycles, so tie it tight. Put in the machine on the gentle cycle in cold water with a mild soap or one of the hammock cleaning products on the market. Never use bleach when washing a hammock, as it can cause deterioration of the threads in the ropes. When the cycle is done, remove the hammock from the pillowcase and mount to dry, spreading it out as much as possible.

To hand wash your hammock, use the same tying technique, making a finished bundle of the hammock that is tied just below the rings, in the middle and at the far end. Cover the hammock completely with cool water and mild soap in a large sink or tub. Simply agitate the hammock in the water, gently squeezing the suds through the hammock until it seems clean. Repeat this with clear water until the suds are gone. After untying and unfolding the hammock, hang the hammock and spread out to dry.

Finally, when not in use, store your hammock in a cool, dry area to prevent mildew and fading. First, you must make certain the hammock is completely dry. Then, fold the hammock the same way you began when washing by bringing the two rings together. Again tie with string below the rings, then where the hammock bed begins. Storing the hammock in a durable storage bag that is weather resistant fabric is a good idea. This protects the hammock from damage while allowing the natural fibers of the hammock to breathe. If you don't have a storage bag of this type, simply hang the hammock by its rings in a dry area such as the garage. Make sure it is in an area where there won't be moisture damaging the hammock fibers, and you will be able to bring your hammock out next season for another relaxing, soothing season of lawn lounging!
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