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Proper storing of your hammock will ensure that it lasts for years, bringing you many seasons of rest and relaxation. Because hammocks contain miles of woven cotton or polyester rope, it is important to store them properly to prevent rotting or damage. One of the most common storage mistakes people make is storing a hammock in a plastic or airtight bag. While this may protect the hammock from sunlight and dirt, it will encourage mildew and rotting if there is even the slightest amount of dampness in the threads.

A better choice if you want to store your hammock covered is to order a properly designed hammock bag. These bags will keep sunlight and dirt away from the threads, but are breathable to provide air circulation and prevent rotting of the weave. Hammock bags are made of a breathable polyester fiber, are lightweight, and inexpensive.

When you have finished using your hammock for the season, find a cool, dry area to store it. This will prevent the colors from fading from sun exposure and discourage mildew growth. Make sure the hammock is completely dry before attempting to prepare for storage. After you take the hammock down, carefully begin twisting the hammock so that it twists around itself, similar to that of a braid. This will keep the hammock strings close together and prevent tangling.

When you have twisted it tight (do not overdo it as you do not want it to coil into a ball), fold it over or lay it flat to put it in a hammock bag, depending on the size of the bag. If you are not going to store it in a bag, find a cool, dark area that is dry and away from heavy traffic. If you like, you can store the hammock flat, wrapped in an old bed sheet or some other breathable material to keep dirt away.

If you would prefer to hang the hammock out of the way, find a cool, dark area where you can suspend the hammock from a fastener on the wall. A garage or unused corner of a basement would be great locations. Fold the hammock in half so that the two end rings are together and hang it from these rings on a nail or hook mounted high enough to keep the hammock from dragging on the ground. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that next season you will have a strong, undamaged hammock for many more months of swaying in the sunshine!
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