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Hammocks made today are generally easy to clean, making them even more appealing. Keeping your hammock cleaned and dried each season will help it to last much longer.

For washing your hammock in the washing machine, start by holding the two end rings, one in each hand, and then bring them together, which folds the hammock in half. Next, tie the hammock together using string placed below the rings. Starting on the opposite end, tie the hammock again, and then one last time in the middle portion. The reason for this is to prevent the metal rings from becoming tangled in the hammock string, or the tying string. Take the hammock and place it in a pillowcase, using string to close the opening. Always use a mild detergent, or a hammock cleaner and restorer found at home improvement or stores that specialize in hammocks, and never use bleach. When the cycle is complete, gently remove all the strings and hang the hammock to dry, preferably on a clothesline outdoors.

Some people prefer to hand wash their hammock, which is another good option. In this case, tie the hammock as described above and then place the hammock in a large sink or bathtub. Fully immerse the hammock, again using mild soap or hammock cleaner with no bleach. Use your hands to agitate the hammock for several minutes until clean. Once the hammock is clean, use clean water to rinse it until all the soap or cleaner is gone. Carefully untie the hammock, and again, hang it up to dry.

Drying and storing your hammock is also important in extending the life and condition of the hammock. For storing, you want to wash the hammock by using one of the two options listed, and dry it thoroughly. Once the hammock is dry, make sure it is stored so no bugs, dirt, or moisture can get to it, thus causing damage or mildew. The best method is to purchase a storage bag constructed from weather resistant fabric that is durable and breathable. Many hammock companies sell bags that are designed specifically for this purpose. If you do not have nor cannot find a storage bag as described, using the metal rings of the hammock, hang the hammock in your garage, basement, or somewhere where it can stay dry. After setting up your hammock for the next season, if you see any mildew, use a hammock cleaner to remove it.

For hammocks that do not have removable spreader bars, machine washing or using a bathtub or sink would be impossible. For this type of hammock, you can lay it flat on your driveway or a large deck, and using mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush scrub each side. When finished with both sides, use the garden hose to wash off the soapy water. Once completely cleaned, find a place for it to hang until dry.
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