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Mayan Hammock Care
After you have invested in a Mayan Hammock, you will want to care for it properly to ensure years of relaxing pleasure. The hammock is made of either nylon or cotton, both of which will snag if abused. When using your hammock, remember to remove belts, shoes or other items that can catch on the threads and pull or break them. If you do snag a button or piece of jewelry on your hammock, be careful. Gently remove the article without pulling or tearing the material more. Then simply tie the damaged threads back together!

When you are not using your hammock, it is best to bring it indoors in case of inclement weather such as rain or snow. Although the hammock can withstand these conditions on occasion, it will last longer and fade less if kept clean and dry inside. If you own a nylon hammock, fading will be less of an issue. Be sure to store your hammock properly during the winter months or when you will not be using it for any extended amount of time, which is important to ensure your hammock has a long life.

Before storing, carefully wash your hammock so that stains do not surprise you when you unpack it later. Fill a large tub or bucket with lukewarm water and a mild soap, and then swish the hammock around in the water for several minutes. After this, swish the hammock in cool rinse water until all the soap is gone. To do this, make sure you hold the hammock properly by holding the ends together with the center of the hammock hanging down. This will prevent tangling of the end cords. Hang the hammock to dry away from direct sunlight, allowing plenty of time for the hammock to dry completely to prevent mildew.

When the hammock is completely dry, again bring the ends together, and knot them close to the loops to prevent tangling and hang from the loops. A cool, dry area is best for storing the hammock. When not used for long periods, the threads may shrink slightly, but with proper care, the hammock will return to its proper, comfortable form when put back out in your garden or home!
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