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To keep your Mayan Hammock in good condition, you must care for it properly. If not, the hammock may wear out earlier than it should and the brilliant colors may fade over time. The key to proper Mayan Hammock care is to be gentle with the materials at all times.

If the hammock has become heavily soiled and needs to be cleaned, fill a bucket or tub with cool water and a mild detergent. After taking down the hammock, make sure you tie up the arm strings together to prevent tangling. For added protection, you can slip a pillowcase over the strings. Dip the hammock into the soap solution and gently swish back and forth in the water. After the soapy water has washed away most of the soil, refill the bucket or tub with cool, clear water and swish again until the soap is completely rinsed out. Do NOT lift the hammock by the tied ends and let stretch while dripping wet, or it will lose its shape. Gently lay flat and press the excess water out with a thick towel then spread the hammock out to dry.

If you will not be using your hammock for a length of time, it is best to store it indoors to prevent fading and mildew, especially if the hammock is cotton. To store, simply hang both ends of the hammock from a single hook on the wall. If you must, you can fold the hammock, although hanging is preferable.

To fold a hammock, spread it out on the floor and fold each end to the center so that the ends are touching in the center. Then, fold each outer edge inward again, and fold this over so that it has been doubled, then quartered. Tie the bundle with a soft cord and store flat on a shelf in a cool, dry place. You may store your Mayan hammock inside a cotton pillowcase to keep the dust off of it, but do not put it in plastic, as the hammock should be able to breathe.
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