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If you have never heard of Hennessy, you are in for a real treat, especially if you love to camp. What happens with traditional camping? You walk around trying to find a piece of ground that has the fewest rocks and is as flat as possible. Then, you unload your heavy tent and sleeping bag, spend an hour or more getting everything set up, and finally, you get to enjoy the reason you went on the trip in the first place - nature. With Hennessy, all that changes. Okay, so what is Hennessy?

Hennessy is a unique, lightweight, safe, comfortable solution to traditional camping. This is a special hammock tent that can be hung between two trees, two canoe paddles, or placed on the ground as a tent. It can be used to sleep in or as a chair. Hennessy has numerous patented features, which includes:
  • Easy Enter - Easy Exit - Through the Bottom of the Hammock Chair
  • Asymmetrical Shape (patent pending) - Allows you to lie diagonally for maximum comfort or sit in a position where you are more comfortable
  • Snap Tight Zipperless Closure - The tension of your own weight helps the entrance of the hammock to snap closed around you
  • Perfect Set - Comfort Curve (patent pending) - The ridgeline is designed to maintain the same shape, which is not only comfortable but keeps your back straight while sleeping and level when sitting
  • Never Tip - Center Balance Design - Now you can sleep or sit without flipping over
  • Bug Proof - No bugs allowed
  • Windproof - Features a special mesh that helps to deflect wind
  • Waterproof - Rainfly is made from polyurethane coated polyester or silicone impregnated nylon
  • Full Velcro Seal - The Velcro closes securely as soon as you lay down
  • Triangular Mesh Gear Pocket - This gear pocket is ideal for storing your gear without it being in the way
  • Nylon Webbing Straps - Secures your Hennessy hammock chair to trees without damaging the bark
The Hennessy chair was actually discovered when one man went on a camping trip. Trying to locate a comfortable place to sit down, he decided to try something. He released one side of the elastic of his Hennessy and then reached underneath and held onto the reinforcing patch at the bottom. Then he folded the hammock in half, simply by holding the released "O" ring and pushing it through to the other side.

Then, before he sat down, he ensured the folded fabric had not shifted and then gently sat down. What he discovered is that not only could he sleep in the beautiful outdoors at night in complete comfort but now he could sit comfortably too. This eliminated the need for a fold chair, yet another piece of equipment. The result was that the load was lightened even more. For all that you get with the Hennessy, the lightweight, easy set up and take down, the security, the comfort, and convenience, and sleep/sit option, and then the amazingly low price, why would everyone not want a Hennessy hammock chair?
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