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Hammock Chair Hanging
The hammock chair, because of its size and versatility, can be used in virtually any spot outside or inside your house. The most important thing to consider when hanging a hammock chair is that you will need to make sure the trees, posts or beams being used can support the extra weight of the hammock chair and any person sitting in it. Trees should be at least six inches in diameter. If you are using a post, do not use anything smaller than a 4" x 6". In addition, carefully check the post or beams to make sure they are not damaged. Cracks and splits can seriously compromise the strength of the post. Hardwood is best, as it will hold the screw hooks better and be more secure. If you are mounting the hammock chair outside, make sure you use treated lumber that will resist rotting. The posts should be at least two feet into the ground, with cement poured around them to stabilize them.

To mount the hammock chair, you will need to drill two starter holes where you want to mount the hooks. Make sure it is only about 3/16 of an inch so it is not too loose. Screw the hammock hooks into these starter holes, making sure the screws are mounted flush to the wood. Do not over tighten or bend them. Put the mountings on the same side of the wood the hammock chair will be suspended from. Otherwise, the sideways pulling could damage the chair or make the chair unstable.

It is best to hang the hammock chair in an area at least one foot wider than the length of the hanger bar. Use a length of chain and "S" hooks to fasten the hammock to the screw-mounted hooks. After you begin using the hammock chair, you will notice some stretch, especially if you have a cotton hammock chair. As it stretches out, take up the slack in the chain. Do not, however, wrap the chain around the hook or let it get twisted around the hook assembly or the crossbar. The hammock chair should be hung at least six feet off the ground.

Another way to hang a hammock chair if you plan to mount it indoors is to suspend it from a ceiling beam rather than a post or tree. Locate a ceiling joist that is solid wood, and make two small starter holes directly in the center of this beam. Screw the hooks into these starter holes. You can then hang the chair loops from these, and should fit well in a home with an 8-foot ceiling. With higher ceilings, you may need to use some extension chains.

Check the mounting hardware and stability of the mounting periodically to ensure that everything is still tightly in place and that none of the components are showing fatigue or excessive wear. This will ensure many months or years of relaxing hammock chair swinging wherever you've mounted it.
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