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Hammock Chairs
Hammock chairs and swings, which range from the simplistic to the elegant and elaborate, are a nice addition to your garden or terrace. Once you've hung one, however, you'll probably need to hang more so your guests can all partake in the comfort of a quality hammock chair.

Hammock chairs, like hammocks, are usually suspended on ropes. However, hammock chairs are designed to provide a seat, not a place to lay down. The hammock chairs are actually suspended from the ropes, but often are balanced in such a way that they provide back support for a sitting person.

Like traditional hammocks, hammock chairs come in a variety of shapes and styles. You may choose the Nicaraguan Deluxe Hammock Chair for its comfort and traditional look, or you may opt for a reclining hammock chair, which, with it's built in footrest, offers maximum comfort. This type of hammock is one of the best hammocks out there today.

Most hammock chairs hang from one, central hanging point. If you don't have the appropriate anchor point, most outfitters can recommend a quality stand for you hammock chair or swing. However you use it - for reading, writing, cocktail hour or just relaxing - you're sure to find hours of pleasure once you hang your hammock chair.
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