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Hammock Chair Swings
The perfect way to relax, whether lounging back against the supportive rope weave or sitting cross-legged while you read that novel you have been meaning to get to? The hammock chair! Quality craftsmanship and style combine with sturdy support in these attractive lounge chairs that combine the best of hammocks and rocker/recliners.

Woven of the same materials as a full-length hammock, hammock chair swings are made to hold one person. The chair is suspended from either a large overhead tree branch or a sturdy ceiling joist. They can be mounted outside, under a porch roof, or even inside your home to provide your own personal retreat. If you would like to have a hammock indoors but have limited space, the hammock swing is an ideal choice. You will have the comfort of a traditional Mayan hammock in a much smaller space. With only one mounting point, the overhead suspension hook, you can put a hammock chair swing in a corner of the room where a hammock would never fit. The suggested hanging height is 6 to 8 feet high, which will work in most of today's homes.

Hammock Chairs are generally made from either nylon or cotton, with an overhead crossbar made of hardwood that keeps the chair from closing up on you. The wooden spacer bar increases in size with the size of the chair you order, so if you have broad shoulders or are stocky, a larger chair will ensure more comfortable movement for your upper body. The standard size spreader bar is about 3.5 feet across.

If you are using the chair outdoors, the recommended material is nylon, which will withstand the elements for years. Indoors, either nylon or cotton will work well, with cotton having a bit more give to it. Both styles of chairs, like a traditional hammock, are washable with cold water and mild soap. Be sure you remove the hanging bar before washing, though!

If you have been longing for the luxury of a traditional hammock but do not have the space, or want a cozy retreat for one tucked into the corner of your bedroom, the hammock chair swing is the perfect solution. It provides all of the benefits of a hammock, including decompression of the spine, a soothing sway, and the comforting feeling of "floating," but in less space and for you alone!
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