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When it comes time to choose the type of material your hammock should be made from, you will find the two most common choices are cotton and nylon. Many people love the quality of the handmade hammocks from Mexico. Just remember, if you buy from Mexico, all you will get is cotton and nylon.

The hammocks constructed from cotton are made from all-natural cotton fiber threads, perfect for allowing the body to conform to the hammock. With cotton being so soft, you will think you are lying on a mattress rather than a hammock. Made from beautiful colors and patterns, the ends are made from nylon for added strength. You will find that with the cotton hammock, colors fade overtime if you leave it outdoors year round, especially in direct sunlight. However, if you use the proper treatments and take good care of your hammock, it should last you a long time.

For the nylon hammocks, they are made of beautiful manmade fibers that will not stretch out but they also do not conform to the body as what you would find with the cotton hammock. Nylon has more of a firm mattress fess but they are very comfortable, strong, and durable. In fact, breaking the fibers of a nylon hammock is almost impossible.

You will find that cotton and nylon hammocks each have their own special characteristics and that no two hammocks of either material are the same. You will also find that colors vary from maker to maker since there is no set standard. The most commonly found hammock is one made from natural color material that has not been dyed. Additionally, some hammocks are made from beautiful multi-color threads, giving the hammock a festive look.

With hammocks being handmade throughout Mexico and other places, no two are identical. Whether you choose cotton or nylon, your hammock will be fully functional and relaxing. If you want a hammock that can handle the outdoors best, especially if you use it by the ocean or in direct sunlight, choose nylon. To change the look of your hammock, you can use a multitude of accessories, each creating a look that is perfect for your specific needs.

While there are some specialty weaves such as coconut, you cannot go wrong choosing a cotton or nylon hammock. When it comes time to relax after a busy day, you will enjoy the comfort each offers. Simply choose the color you want and enjoy your new hammock.
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