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Mayan Style Hammocks date back over 1000 years. The ingenious web-like design is still woven today by thousands of highly trained artisans in Mexico, Guatemala; their unique design allows Mayan hammocks to conform to your body shape, offering maximum comfort. Ventilation, size and weight capacity are unsurpassed with this style of hammock.

String hammocks allow perfect ventilation without any uncomfortable waffle side effects. The overall size and weight capacity of these string hammocks is unsurpassed. Care should be taken, as the beautiful colors and patterns can fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

No hammock has a richer history than the Mayan Hammock. The hammocks originated in the Yucatan region of Mexico, a region know for its exquisite food, its rich history and pyramids, its temperate climate and its beautiful, gulf coast beaches.

Today, Mayan Hammocks are made of nylon and cotton, but the original Mayan Hammocks were made of cotton, soon after the fiber was introduced to the region by the Spaniards. Mayans quickly discovered the comfort of cotton. It can take one person as much as several weeks to make a single, handmade Mayan hammock. Today entire villages across the state of Yucatan make the hammocks to meet the growing popularity and demand for these hammocks.

The hammocks are special to Mayan people and they encompass almost every part of their lives: they are the place where people are born, sleep conceive and die.
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