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Quilted Fabric Hammocks are soft, comfortable and durable. They are made from two layers of weather-resistant polyester and soft polyfiber fill. They will withstand the outdoor weather and wick away moisture. They also offer added warmth for those cooler days and nights.

Quilted Fabric Hammocks are often made from weather resistant fabrics that offer long-lasting beauty and comfort in the outdoors. The durability of this type of hammock makes it usable and comfortable for several years of use. Moreover, since these hammocks are quilted together; these hammocks last. Since the threads are roped together, if one of the threads breaks or weakens, the hammock will still be able to stay together.

Quilted Fabric Hammocks come in a variety of colors making it easy to "dress" any backyard. The fabric is acrylic color fast and resistant to fading, stains and mildew. It's quilted using fiberfill batting. One popular technique with these hammocks is the use thread of different colors to create geometric patterns of designs for the hammocks.

Durable brass grommets complete each hammock. These types of hammock can be hung between trees or using a hammock stand. Hammock stands are helpful because they spare trees. They can also be used to assemble a hammock in an open are or in a geographic region where tree are present.
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