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Silk Hammock Colors and Styles
Silk hammocks come in a variety of styles and colors to suit anyone's taste. For size, the most popular is the standard adult hammock, which will comfortably hold a full-size adult. More than 11 feet in length, it will support even the tallest person. It is a roomy 5'4" wide so that you can spread out. The double hammock is the same length, but 6'9" wide to allow two people to snuggle up comfortably together! We also offer a child's size hammock (6' x 3'7") that will delight children up to five years old. They will love having a pint-size version of mom and dad's hammock to call their own!

All silk hammocks come in two-color combinations to add style and flair to any outdoor or indoor setting. The more conservative person will enjoy the subdued hunter green with silver-gray trim or the pastels of the pale blue and pale pink combination. All of the combinations feature a predominant color with the trim on either side in the second color. Other combinations go from flat-out electrifying (royal blue and fluorescent lime) to primary colors (black trimmed in red). If you are looking for an unusual, easily recognizable combination, try some of these:
  • Royal blue with turquoise trim (reminiscent of ocean waters and very soothing)
  • Turquoise with fluorescent lime trim (tropical paradise!)
  • Peacock blue with aqua trim (this is a fashionable favorite with its mixture of lovely teal shades)
  • Shocking pink and silver (a favorite for girls)
  • Purple with lilac trim
  • Claret and pale pink (this is nice for a traditional feel - the claret is a rich, deep wine color, not a bright red)
  • Bright orange and royal blue (easy to find when you are looking for your camp site after a long hike!)
  • Black with fluorescent lime trim (for the basic black enthusiast)
When selecting a color, take into consideration the room it will be mounted in if it will be indoors, any special outdoor decor, the color of the house, the taste of the person using it, and whether you want the hammock to stand out or blend in. If you plan to take the hammock with you on a camping trip or trek across country, stick with bright, easy-to-spot colors. Again, these are easy to find and can also be used to signal for help if the need arises. If you are using the hammock around a pool or on the patio, you will find a color combination that can compliment almost any kind of patio furniture. For children, their favorite color is an easy choice!

A colorful silk hammock in your college, fraternity or sorority colors will add punch to your fraternity house or dorm room and may become the most popular seat around. Since a silk hammocks are easy to take down and put up, it can provide extra sleeping room at a moment's notice or a wonderful place to study without taking away precious room space.
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