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Mayan Hammock History
When you hear the word "hammock", one maker immediately comes to mind. Mayan has been creating hammocks for a long time. Although it is not known where the first hammocks were actually designed and created, it is known that the first use of hammocks dates back to the early Spanish explorers. After landing in what is now the modern day Cuba, these explorers saw the Taino Indians sleeping in hammocks and noticed that the children played in the hammocks. For this reason, it is believed that it was around this time when hammock weaving began, which quickly made its way throughout the Caribbean.

The largest city in Mexico is Merida, which is a major area for the modern production of hammocks. This city is located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where the typical family still lives in homes constructed of thatched huts. The people of this area sleep in hammocks instead of a traditional bed for several reasons. First, hammocks are extremely easy to store, which in turn provides more floor space, and second, hammocks provide excellent ventilation for sleeping on hot summer nights.

Hammock weaving continues to be a main source of income for families in this area. Many men and women are dedicated to creating the most amazing and beautiful hammocks in the world. They take personal pride in their work, creating brilliant and unique colors and designs and are happy to coordinate the design of a hammock with the customer's request. The result of their hard work is quality and beautiful hammocks. At Mayan hammocks, you will find hammocks in vivid, tropical colors and natural earth tones that coordinate well with any décor.

The focus at Mayan hammocks is that quality and materials take priority. No two hammocks are constructed alike, ensuring your hammock will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Hammocks are so popular that many cruises are now offering them as indoor and outdoor bedding. Buying a quality constructed hammock that has a nice tight weave and only a few knots will provide you with amazing comfort for many years to come.

When you snuggle into a Mayan hammock, you will literally feel as though you are floating on a cloud. The reason is that unlike traditional beds, hammocks do not put pressure on the body's pressure points. Instead, your weight is distributed evenly, thus giving you the sense of floating. In fact, thousands of people from around the world have discovered the advantages of sleeping on a hammock. People with back problems or those with insomnia find that they sleep much better, waking to feel refreshed.

Therefore, when you want a quality hammock that has been handmade with the finest care, Mayan hammocks are the perfect choice. In addition to quality, color choices, different materials, and sizes, you will also enjoy reasonable prices.
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