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Pawley's Hammock History
Now sold around the world, the Original Pawley's Island Rope HammockŪ was created in 1889 at Pawley's Island, which remains one of the oldest summer resorts on the South Carolina coast. Credit for its invention is given to Captain Joshua John Ward, who found the grass-filled mattresses on his river boat too hot during the summer months.

Captain Ward had several unsuccessful attempts, making uncomfortable hammocks, before stumbling across the familiar design that incorporates wooden spreaders and no knots. One century later, the design is still unsurpassed and the Original Pawley's Island Rope Hammock remains one of the most popular models.

As they were in 1889, the hammocks are still hand woven. Once woven, the hammock body is connected to strong plaited ends and then strung through the oak stretcher bars. The ends are attached to the body using nautical bowline knots attach the ends to the body of the hammock. Each hammock is marked with the traditional metal tag to ensure its authenticity as an Original Pawley's Island Rope HammockŪ once it has been carefully inspected.

South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond has given every U.S. President since Truman a Pawley's hammock as a gift. Mickey Spillane, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Barbara Mandrel, and Tom Selleck are just a few of the many celebrities who have owned an Original Pawley's Island Rope HammockŪ, while Magic Johnson ordered a custom made 7-foot long hammock to accommodate his extraordinary height.
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