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Hammocks State Beach

Hammocks State Beach is a great place to go to rest and relax - that is one of the reasons why it is called hammocks state beach. The area itself is a park located in coastal North Carolina in teh town of Swamsboro. It has become a favorite spot for locals to relax and enjoy nature. The State park consists of a wetlands area, an island, and several beach areas. The park is open year round and has the same hours as most state parks in North Carolina

Things to do at Hammocks

While you are at hammocks, one of the best things to do is to take the ferry out to the island. This ferry is a nice trip and will give you access to a rare ecological area as well as a beutiful beach. The area is also a popular destination for canoeists. It also boasts a large number of excellent campsites. There are several great walks and hikes and the area is great for touring. Rangers hold daily events explaining some of the features and wildlife prevalent in the park. In addtion, swimming and fishing are also popular activities.


Hammocks state beach was originally a waterway for the canoes of Native Americans. However, when the settlers arrived from Europe, that all changed. During the civial ware, the area was home to six Confederate cannon batteries and enjoys a rich civil war history. In the early 1900's the area became a retirement home to a doctor in new york. At the end of his life he gave it to a African American teacher's Association. Later in 1964, the state made Hammocks beach a state park due to the diversity of the area, and its ecological resources.

Using a Hammock

If you are using a hammock on the state beach, you can set up the hammock on a stand almost anywhere. You may want to have a portable, lightweight stand that can be easily transported so that you do not have to haul a heavy stand while you are on your hike. You may also hang the hammock from trees, but be careful not to damage the environment. Try using tree straps to protect the trees from damage or insects. Once you have set up your hammock, sit back relax and enjoy your hammock on the state beach.

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