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Hammock Camping Tips
Camping outdoors can be a fun and rewarding experience. Many people choose to camp under wide open skies, in mountains, on a desxerted beach, or even in the dessert. Planning for a camping trip can be an ardous and time consuming process, especially if you are going to be camping in a place that has harsh weather, dangerous animals, or unfriendly terrain. This camping article is designed to provide some tips for planning for a trip. This article will focus on how to effectively use a hammock when you are camping. It will also provide some benfits of hammocks for camping and will also demonstrate some locations where hammocks have been used effectively.

One of the best things about a camping using a hammock, is you have an excellent chance of getting a great sleep - especially if you set up the hammock properly. In order to set the hammock up, you should make sure that you bring the equipment that is necessary to set up the hammock. For most people this will mean the loops at the end of the hammock, the chains or ropes to attach it to the tress, and perhaps a tree guard. With these items, you can set up the hammock in almost any area where trees are a suitable distance apart. This is the most common way to set up the hammock.

The type of hammock that you are planning to take is also important. Generally, if you are going camping, you should avoid spreader bars. These types of hammocks are not for sleeping, but are for resting or relaxing. The mayan type of hammocks or the hammocks with no bars are better for sleeping, since your weight is not distributed by the spreader bars, but instead the hammock wraps around your body. These hammocks also need a greater ground clearance than the hammocks with spreader bards and consequently should be hung higher up in the tree. These hammocks are are sturdier and are harder to fall out of because of the wieght distribution.

If you are going to be sleeping in a wet environment like a swamp or bog, or moist area, you definately want to have a waterproof hammock. The waterproof hammock can protect you from rain and will keep you dry throughout the night. Moreover, the waterproof hammocks can generally be zipped to ensure that the water does not leak into the cracks. Waterproof hammocks are generally great in warm, wet climates, however, if the location where you are planning on camping gets cold, you may want to bring a more insulated hammock or be sure that you are dressed warmly in the waterproof hammock.

Hammocks can also be used effectively to prevent bug bites and attacks from dangerous animals. Many of the animals that would be annoying or dangerous generally crawl along the ground like snakes. However sometimes animals or bugs can fly or crawl into trees. The hammock is a nice place to sleep because most animals or ground insects will not be able to get into the hammock when it is elevated above the ground.

There are a number of instances where hammocks have been used successfully. In one instance, I can recall a person hung their hammock between two vehicles, eliminating the need for a stand or chains. Camping hammocks have been effectively used in swamps to get out of the watery area and to escape from snakes. Moreover, hammocks have been used to prevent sleeping on muddy ground by hanging them between two trees or between two vehicles. Hammocks have also been used effectively in rocky areas - with a little creativity, a hammock can be hung between two boulders.

If you do decide to go camping using a hammock, be sure that the hammock is ready for the weather conditions of the camping area that you are using. Also, many of hammocks that are available on the market have several different uses, be sure to check to see if the hammock will work for your camping trip or planned outing. Moreover, be certain that if you are looking at a waterproof hammock, that the hammock has the correct waterproof rating.

Clearly, hammocks can provide a camper with a lot of benefits and help to improve a person's overall camping experience. Hopefully, this article has provided some helpful camping tips. If you would like to learn more about camping hammocks in particular, Hennessey has a large line of camping hammocks that are especially designed for outdoor use. To learn more about hammocks, feel free to browse our hammock knowldge base.
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