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If you love to camp, then you have probably had your share of sleeping on rocks, sticks, or slopes that make sleeping miserable. Many people have discovered the benefits of bringing a hammock with them on their camping trip. Not only can you enjoy your hammock at home in the back yard, but take it with so you will have a wonderful night's sleep, allowing you to have a more enjoyable camping trip.

Hammocks have changed dramatically over the past 1,000 years. What was once a hard, canvas material that was heavy and difficult to handle, has turned into options of several materials, designs, weights, and so on. In fact, one study showed that people have discovered the benefit of using a hammock to sleep in their home instead of a bed. Now you can choose from beautiful fabrics and comfortable materials, making the hammock an obvious choice for many people.

While camping, you will find that sleeping on a hammock relieves tension in the body. Not all of the body's weight is pushed into an object without much give. With the hammock, you will have plenty of support on the body's pressure points, thus eliminating the constant tossing and turning you normally experience on the ground or in a cot.

By providing proper weight distribution, you will be relaxed not only physically, but also mentally. The hammocks that are designed with spreader bars offer the best option for weight distribution, giving you a sense of weightlessness. Additionally, they are easy to hang, take down, and transport. When packing your vehicle for your camping trip, the hammock will take up very little room. All you need is two trees and you are all set.

Once you have your hammock set up, if it looks like it might rain, run a line over the hammock from one tree to the next, and drape a tarp directly hanging down both sides of the hammock. It can rain all it wants, but you will not get wet. Depending on the area where you will be camping, you can even drape mosquito netting over the line to avoid being eat up during the night. In fact, people around the world in many Central and South American locations, sleep on hammocks and have been doing so for thousands of years.

Usually when camping, the biggest decision is where to place the tent so rocks and stumps can be avoided. Now, you can pack a camping hammock if you prefer staying indoors. This type of hammock is convenient and portable. The single person hammock only weighs two to three pounds while the larger size is only three to five pounds. With a hammock, you will enjoy your camping trip even more!
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