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Are you looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors without going into debt on a full set of lawn furniture? Do you want a place that you can call your own, where you can go and find solitude after a hectic day? If the answer is yes, a hammock is the perfect solution. For thousands of years, hammocks have been used simply to rest. In fact, in the past few years, hammocks have become so comfortable and popular, people are now getting rid of their standard bedroom furniture and brining in a hammock. Whether looking for a hammock to put indoors or hang outside, the typical situation is to hang the hammock in between two trees.

While the traditional picture of a hammock is of a cotton hammock suspended between two shady trees, a hammock can be used nearly anywhere suspended in numerous ways. In fact, with the proper hardware and equipment, you can suspend a hammock nearly anywhere. Even if you only have one tree, you can still enjoy the comfort of a hammock!

If you do not have two trees located at the right distance or decide you would like to put your hammock somewhere that has no trees, simply mount two posts at the same distance, using 4x4s for strength. To stabilize them, bury them at least three feet into the ground and pour cement around the base. The concrete should cure for at least a week before suspending the hammock. You will have the same effect as if you are relaxing between two trees. You will even find below surface posts that can easily be pulled out for mowing and then replaced when done.

Install strong screw-in hooks into the posts, using C clips to clip the ends of the hammock to these hooks. If you have suspended it properly, the hammock will have an arch in it and be at least three to four feet from the ground at the lowest point. This method can also be used if you have one tree to use for one end, but need a post at the other end.

Another alternative is a good quality hammock stand. These are designed specifically to hold your hammock suspended between poles or braces on a freestanding frame. There are a variety of these stands, including galvanized metal, hardwood, and PVC. A hammock stand comes in complete kits that include the hardware needed and instructions for proper set-up. Some stands are so incredibly gorgeous that you almost hate to use them outdoors. In this case, you might just have to add a second hammock in the bedroom.
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