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Most hammocks are not designed for wet weather use. While many outdoor hammocks stand up to the elements, they do not offer the cover and protection for a human who may be using them to sleep or escape from the rain. Outdoor hammocks provide a unique combination of durability and features. They are usually lighter and may be a lot more portable than fixed or standing hammocks.

One of the main applications for an outdoor hammock is backpacking or mountaineering. People who engage in these activities generally require protection from changeable weather in mountainous areas. However, some backpacking hammocks offer rain flies, and, in a pinch, you can substitute a tarp. Just make sure you offer yourself plenty of ventilation!

One of the key distinctions of a these types hammock is the covering. The covering protects from rain and snow and also can protect from insects and mosquitoes and other critters. It also can help to protect a person from wind for some of the thermal hammocks. These hammocks can also protect a person from the cold.

The material of these types of hammocks is durable enough to survive outdoor use. It is waterproof since it provides a canopy for the user. Moreover the hammock material sometimes is good enough to protect the user from cold and wind. This material is often resembles Gortex of other waterproof material.
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