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Hammocks - Camping Tips
If you love the outdoors but dislike the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, consider bringing a hammock along for your next camping or hiking adventure. People that enjoy hiking usually spend a lot of time packing and unpacking their backpack before finally deciding on what to take. Since weight is always a consideration, especially if hiking long distances or difficult terrain, making that final choice can be tough.

While many items are considered as necessities, some are more luxury. However, when it comes to a hammock for a good night's sleep, this is definitely in the necessary category. Think of it this way, instead of hiking with a small tent weighing from three to five pounds or more why not use a camping hammock, such as a Thermarest, that only weighs one pound. If you like, you can accessorize your hammock with a tarp for rain, netting for bugs, and best of all, you will have an abundance of places to choose from since you will not have to look for flat piece of ground without rocks.

You can find a Mayan hammock that is a single-person hammock, weighing one pound with extra atypical tent equipment, weighing approximately three pounds. This particular hammock can hold up to a 170-pound person, which includes the weight of an average sleeping bag. For people weighing more, there is the option of a double sized hammock, which only weighs 2.2 pounds. Again, for protection from natural elements such as rain and bugs, you can purchase a lightweight tarp that is designed to cover the entire length of the hammock, keeping you completely protected or a lightweight mosquito net.

If camping is more your game, hammocks will ensure you sleep better than on the ground or on a cot. Just imagine floating in a hammock while being in the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars. Hammocks are the perfect retreat after hiking for many miles. You can come back, stretch out in your comfortable hammock, and rest up until the next adventure.

Keep in mind that taking a hammock with you while camping or hiking is super easy. All you need is local trees such as Palm, Maple, Elm, Cedar, Coconut, Pine, and so on. Since pushing screws into trees and then removing them can cause damage, many camping hammocks are designed to use tree straps, which wrap around the tree, thus doing no damage. Additionally, tree straps are super easy to put up, take down, and carry.

When you get ready to add a hammock to your list of equipment, think of your hammock as a part of the adventure, getting back to nature by being in nature.
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