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If you are thinking of attmpting to match the style of a hammock with indoor or patio decor, it can be tricky business. Often the hammock is the largest and most visible piece of furniture in the area. This article is designed to provide some tips for matching different types of hammocks with the decor of a particular area. It will also provide some color examples and hammock types that will be helpful.

The first type of hammock that we will deal with is the typical rope hammock with spreader bars. Most rope hammocks are neutral colors like whites, tans, or beiges. This gives you a good deal of flexibility in decorating if you are just hanging the hammock using screws. This type of hammock will go with almost any room's decor. Since the hammock is pretty large, you should attempt to fill the room with accent pieces that will complement the hammock. It is usually a good idea to get the spreader bars to match the furniture wood color as well. This will help to enhance the room.

If you are using a stand with your hemmock indoors, you have a couple of choices. If the stand is neutral, you may want to stick with the plan above. If the stand is a different color, you may want to have the accent pieces match the stand instead of the hammock or a complementary color. The stand for most American hammocks will be very large and will take up a large portion of most rooms. You should may sure that you ahve sufficient room for the hammock and the stand together.

If you are using a mayan hammock, you have to make some diffent choices. Most Mayan style hammocks are made out of bright colors and reflect their native heritage. Mayan hammocks are also very comfortable. Additionaly, it can be challenging to match the multiple colored mayan hammocks. There are a couple of ways to approach the match. First you can match it with neutral colors and use a couple of key accent pieces that match the color of the mayan hammock. Dark woods can also work well to match some mayan hammocks.

Hammocks can become a central piece of a home decorating scheme. It can take time and thought to make sure that the hammocks match the overall decor scheme.
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