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Hammocks are great for relaxing or just hanging out. In addition, hammocks can also help to make a yard, a room, or a house more beautiful or presentable. In terms of matching decor and the overall look and feel of the hammock, spreader bars can be an important part of how the hammock looks and feels. This article is designed to provide an overview of some of the different types of wood that can be used in hammocks. It will also help you to decide what hammock spreader bar wood is right for you.

This first thing that you need to know about hammock spreader bar wood is that the spreader bars need to be made out of a quality type of wood in order to be safe, last, and be durable. Some hammocks that are available on the market are made out of an extremely soft wood called balsa wood. This wood is not very durable and brakes very easily. It may not support the weight of a person who is in the hammock. It is also not designed to last. Try to go with another wood type like cherry, oak, or mahogany.

The first spreader bar wood type that we will discuss is mahogany. Mahogany is a dark and rich wood color. The dark hue and finish of this wood makes it match most types of dark furniture. A hammock made out of this type of spreader bars will stand out well in the room. This wood also matches the color of the ground and also matches many of the colros that are outside.

Cherry wood is a more redish color and should be used to accentuate certain areas. Cherry is an extremely distinctive color and will go with some settings. However the settings that it is used for will definately get people's attantion. Overall, cherry wood is a good choice for the wood for a hammock spreader bar type.

Oak wood is also a popular type of wood. Oak wood is a lighter color and is used match most decor schemes. Oak wood is also readily available on the east coast. Oak wood is popular outdoor when you don't want to have as dark of a spreader bar color like mahogany or cherry. Oak wood is a good type of wood.

Clearly, there are several solid choices available when it comes to choosing the wood type for you hammock spreader bars. the type of wood that you choose depends on your personal preferences and the spreader bar color that you wish to achieve.
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