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Hennessy Hammock Set Up
Although many hammocks are on the market, one that stands out from the rest is the Hennessy Hammock. This particular hammock is extremely well made and beautiful. When setting up hammocks, you will find there to be many different options. However, one way that is easy and does not require a lot of special training is using lashings, which allow you to create fancy knots. Although not a knot, the lashing is similar except it offers great advantages.

A lashing is actually rope that is wrapped in a repeating pattern. Lashings are wonderful, beautiful, and terrific in that they do not get jammed, as knots tend to get jammed. A bonus is that with hammocks made from knots, when a person's weight pulls the hammock down, the knots become tight. However, with lashings, the weight still pulls them tight but you are able to untie them with no problem. If you practice with lashings for a short time, you will be able to set your hammock up in no time.

Start by wrapping the straps around the tree as many times as possible. Be sure that the loops can touch and line up with the hammock. Now you will thread the rope through the loops on each end of the strap and then pull tight. Next, wrap the end of the rope around the tightened rope and down between the loops. Do this process about three more times, weaving in a figure eight. Finally, tie the two half hitches so you leave approximately 6 inches of rope.

The support rope will be tied around trees or other sturdy objects that range from 12 to 18 feet apart. You can center the hammock simply by adjusting the ends until the ropes are the same length. Some people say that hammocks should be four to five feet from the ground, but with a Hennessy Hammock, 16 to 18 inches is better and makes getting in and out easier. After you have entered your hammock one or two times, you may need to retighten the ropes a bit. Additionally, weather can also cause some adjustment in your hammock so again, depending on the weather you may need to tighten the rope.

Once you have your Hennessy Hammock set up, you want to enter through the bottom, starting at one end. Put your head in first and then as your head enters the hammock, turn your body 180 degrees. Sit down and then un-slit the bottom. Gently lay back and bring your feet inside. Once in, you will be amazed how cozy and secure you feel.
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