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Setting Up Hammocks
When it comes to setting up your hammock, you will find a variety of places that you may want to hang your hammock. The way in which you set the hammock up will depend largely upon where you are going to use it. The most common place to use a hammock is on your own property, where it can be mounted and left up for long periods of time. Some people hang hammocks in the middle of the yard, some set them up by the pool, and some even find a spot on the patio or deck.

It is very important to keep the hammock properly suspended off the ground by having the end loops at least 6 feet above the ground at each end with the ends 10 to 13 feet apart. The ideal trees are about 11 to 13 feet away from each other and at least 6 inches in diameter to support the maximum weight load for the hammock. Although the distances do not have to be perfect, this is a good guideline.

If you do not have two trees located at the right distance or decide you would like to put your hammock somewhere there are no trees, simply mount two posts at the same distance, using 4 x 4s for strength. To stabilize them, bury them at least 3 feet into the ground and pour cement around the base. The concrete should cure for at least a week before suspending the hammock. This will ensure a stable support for you to relax in your hammock.

Install strong screw-in hooks into the posts. You can then use C clips to clip the ends of the hammock to these hooks. If you have suspended it properly, the hammock will have an arch in it and be at least 3 to 4 feet from the ground at the lowest point. You can use this same procedure for tree mounting. Simply screw the hooks into the trunks of the trees. This does not damage the tree and is sturdy and reliable.

If you are taking a hammock on a camping trip or to the park for the day and want a temporary, short-term mount, you can suspend the hammock without using hooks. Find the trees you are planning to use and tie a long length of hanging rope, usually made of nylon, around the trunk of the tree. Thread one end of the rope through one of the hammock ends, then bring the ends of the rope together and tie a bowline knot. This kind of knot is sturdy and tight, but is easy to untie when you are ready to remove the hammock. Test the strength before getting in the hammock, however, and double check to make sure you have the hammock suspended high enough.

Kits are also available for purchase. These are very nice next to a swimming pool or if you like the idea of being able to periodically move the location of your hammock. These will include detailed instructions, and function in much the same way as the permanent mounts, with the clips fastening to a hook at either end of the frame. There is no best way to setting up a hammock as long as it is done carefully and following the simple rules outlined above. The method you use is entirely up to you based on when and where you use your hammock.
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