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Silk Hammock SetUp
Mounting a silk hammock is relatively simple. Just find two trees spaced the appropriate length, and then start by looping the rope around the tree, threading the ends of the rope through the end loop. Tighten this snugly, then choose the type of knot used for hanging the mounting hook. It is that simple. Just make sure you hang the hammock at the proper position, with both ends being level to one another. Never hang the hammock with one end higher than the other, as this causes instability.

Since these hammocks have no spreader bars, you should take care getting in them. The proper way to get into this type hammock is to sit down along one edge, grasping the hammock side with both hands. Swing your legs up and into the hammock, turning on your bottom as you do this. Then lay back and enjoy the comfort! If you are sharing the hammock with another, you can also lay across the width of the hammock, allowing your heads and body to keep the hammock spread open. Whichever way is cool and comfortable because of the parachute silk fabric. The silk hammock will conform to your body while you are in it and provides the perfect spinal support for anyone who lays in it.

If you do not have two trees that are ideally spaced for mounting, you can purchase adapter kits, which will help you adjust the length of the mounting rope and enable you to set up your hammock in a variety of different areas. If you would like to mount your hammock permanently (perhaps in your bedroom for relaxing reading or a quick nap), the masonry mounting or the wood mounting kits allow you to mount the hammock firmly with nautical rope and self-screwing eyelets (for wood mounting) or expanding bolts (for masonry).
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