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Too often people never give any thought to using a hammock while boating, which is a real shame since this is how some hammocks such as Pawley's Island got started. If you are the type of person that loves the outdoors and likes a little comfort while roughing it, then a hammock on your boat is the ultimate way to enjoy your adventure in complete comfort.

For boaters on the sea, depending on the weather, the waves can vary from soft to intense. Trying to get some sleep with a boat swaying from side to side can cause a lot of discomfort. Using a hammock, the body will tilt the same direction as the boat, which provides for a smooth restful night (or nap)!

The hammock can be hooked up to the forestay and mast or if you want the ultimate experience, you can hook the hammock to the jib sail, enjoying an amazing experience sleeping over the sea. These hammocks are designed specifically for boating and provide not only superior comfort but also safety. If you have a small cabinet space, the hammock will clear out room for storage or extra guests on your boat.

Just imagine lying in your hammock up top on your boat, gently gliding along the water under a sky filled with billions of stars. During the day, especially after a long day of fishing, skiing, scuba diving, or working the boat, climbing into a cozy hammock while enjoy a cool drink and a good book is about as good as it gets. Lay back and enjoy the sun's rays while you catch a few zzzz's.

In fact, if you plan to take several people on a trip, you might want to have several hammocks onboard. The minute one of your guests gets comfortable in you hammock, you will discover that you need more than one. Hammocks have been proven repeatedly that they provide excellent benefits for sleep and overall health. Try it once and you will find out that enjoying a hammock while enjoying your boat is like being in paradise!

If you plan to sail to areas with a lot of rain or an area that has more insects than other places, then you will find that hammocks designed for boating come with numerous accessories for all types of outdoor and indoor conditions. You will even discover that small tables can be attached to the hammock, perfect for holding that cool drink.
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