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Cheap Hammocks are generally lower cost hammocks. They do not have to be poorly made or of poor quality. Hammocks can be cheap for a number of reasons - the trick is to know what to look for when you go bargain hunting.

Hammocks can be cheap because the store of the owner may have a large supply of a particular type of hammock and may be having difficulty selling them. This can be because the store may not be good at marketing or the hammock is not fully appreciated by the store's customer base.

Look for stores that are going out of business. Asset liquidations, everything-must-go sales and other discount events are places where you can find a retailer who usually values inventory clearance over price.

Beware of poorly made hammocks. People may recognize that the hammock is not high quality and may not want it. If this is the case, the hammock may not be a good buy even at a low price.

The trick is to recognize a good deal and to know when something is not well made. To do this ask experts and people who own hammocks. Study the features, get performance records, and make sure you will be comfortable in your new hammock.
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