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South Coast Hammocks
Pool-Lakeside Hammocks
Woven cotton or nylon hammocks are wonderful and perfect for a variety of settings, but if you want the ultimate luxury of lounging in your hammock poolside or along the ocean, you should get a pool or lakeside hammock. These specially made hammocks are made of materials that retain their shape even when wet won't be damaged by repeated exposure to water or saltwater.

The materials of a pool hammock give this comfortable style a completely different look. Rather than an open weave, the material is closely woven of a polyester blend in which each thread has been coated with a thin layer of vinyl in order to repel water. Go ahead and step out of the pool and lay back to soak up the rays - the water will drip right through the tight but a water-repellent weave. The hammock will be dry almost immediately, providing you with wonderful support and comfort without being cold and clammy.

The unique material used in pool side hammocks more closely resembles canvas than a woven hammock in appearance, but is not as stiff and does not retain moisture like a cotton canvas would. Instead, they shed water, are supple and breathable. You will be amazed by the easy support of a pool side hammock.

These functional hammocks come in a variety of lovely patterns or solid colors. Because of the tight weave, it is possible to weave intricate patterns into the material, adding color and flair to your pool side lounging and a touch of style to your ocean side lounging. Most pool side hammocks can be purchased in a kit that includes a standing frame so that you can put it pool side easily without the need for trees or stationary posts.

After you have reclined in a pool or lakeside hammock, you will never go back to that old folding lawn recliner again!
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