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Hammock Stands - Wood
Although the steel stand for hammocks is traditional, now you can find some of the most incredible designed wood stands, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. One stand in particular sells out almost as quickly as they are made. This is the Roman Arc made from multiple layers of laminated Southern Cypress. With a classic appearance and carefully constructed design, this stand has actually won several awards.

Many people say this stand actually has a sensual look with its sassy curves. This hammock stand is an attractive piece of furniture, enhancing any indoor bedroom or outside yard. The Roman arc stand is designed to hold almost any large or deluxe sized hammocks, which would measure 12- to 13-feet in length. Keep in mind that when you buy this stand, the hammock is sold separately unless you purchase a special package. The body of this hammock frame is five feet with an impressive overall length of 16 feet. Constructed to hold up to 600 pounds, you will love the look and convenience.

A smaller version of this same stand is also available. Just like the larger wood stand, it too received many awards and has five-plies of laminated Southern Cypress, giving it a natural look that is pure beauty. This hammock stand is also made from the finest materials available and makes an impressive statement indoors or out. This smaller version holds 450 pounds easily, enough for one or more people to enjoy relaxing in 100% comfort.

While steel stands are still a great option, if you want something impressive and made with incredible craftsmanship, the wooden hammock stand is perfect. Best of all, all you need is about 16 feet and you will be enjoying the comfort of your hammock in no time. In fact, wood hammock stands are quick becoming the stand of choice for people all over the country. Whether wanting something unique or the latest trend, you will find that this type of wood hammock stand offers something special over other stands. If you are going to have a hammock, in addition to enjoying the undeniable comfort, make a statement with the best-looking hammock possible.
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