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Roman Arc Swing Stand
The Roman Arc Swing Stand combines durability, practicality, and beauty in one stunning swing stand. If you have a double-cushioned hammock swing and want your swing set to be attractive as well as safe and sturdy, this is the stand you will want.

The base of the stand is formed at each side by arched lengths of bent Cypress wood that curve together with a slight concavity with a crossbar between, forming a slightly curved capital "A" shape for each end. The main support beam from which the double-cushioned hammock swing will be suspended is also gently curved with the highest point in the middle to provide even weight distribution and attractive lines.

The seven-foot width by seven-foot height is designed to accommodate the roomier double-cushioned hammock swings with a five-foot, five-inch depth for stability and room to swing. The weight capacity is 450 pounds, more than enough for two averages adults and the toddler who climb up to enjoy swinging time with mom and dad.

Each section is constructed of five layers of laminated cypress wood to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. Cypress wood is one of the hardest, most weather-tolerant hardwoods available. Left in its natural condition, the initial golden color will gently weather to a soft silvery, gray shade that will withstand years of the elements. If used indoors, the wood will deepen in tone slightly but retain its natural golden sheen. The craftsmanship and attention to detail makes the wooden Roman Arc Swing Stand ideally suited to use in a living room or bedroom. In fact, this hammock stand is so unique and gorgeous that most people consider it to be a fine piece of furniture, fitting perfectly into any decor.

The price of this type of stand is a little higher than that of the metal stands, but in exchange, you will be the envy of all your neighbors. Unlike anything you have ever seen, you can be sure that this Roman Arc Swing Stand will ad a perfect touch of elegance and sophistication.
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