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Hammock Stand
It used to be that hammocks were hung from trees. As the hammocks became more and more popular, they were designed to hang from cross beams of a patio, or even indoors. Another great option that developed over the years is the hammock stand, or frame. This type of setup provides you ultimate comfort.

One of the premium styles is constructed from stainless steel. This stand is nice, yet a simplistic style that will go with anything. With the stainless steel option, you will not have to worry about where to place the stand since it will not cause any rust when it gets wets.

Another option that creates a nice rustic look outdoors or a beautiful addition to your indoor furniture is the wooden hammock style. This type of stand can be made from many different types of wood although the stands constructed from cypress are graceful and have clean lines and some styles are designed with a unique bent construction.

Steel stands have been around a long time, provide strength, and are good for the budget minded. The steel arc is the best option for Mayan hammocks where the standard steel hammock stand has a tri-beam that works with most hammocks and hammock accessories to include a canopy and table.

The nice thing about stands is that if you live in a new housing division, more than likely, there will be no mature trees. With the stand, you do not need trees, just a spot to place the hammock. Additionally, stands offer convenience. If you want to lie in the sun for a while and then move to the shade, you can simply move the hammock on the stand whereas with hammocks hung by trees, you have just one option.

Sitting by the pool, hammocks hung on stands can add to the appearance of your yard. You can choose the color and pattern of fabric that blends the best. In this situation, a nice soft blue and white stripe, or a bold flower pattern would look wonderful. If you have been holding off buying a hammock because you had nowhere to hang it, buy your hammock and use a stand. Once you have spent time relaxing in your hammock, you will be interested in buying another for your significant other.

Hammocks are so affordable, comfortable, and stylish; they are even being used indoors as beds. If you want to use a hammock for a bed, talk with a hammock company about having a more ornate wooden stand created. People that sleep in hammocks; say they sleep like a baby.
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