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A hammock swing is one of those comforting combinations of hammock and porch swing that beckons everyone to sit back and relax. Many hammock swings can be mounted in a variety of ways, depending on your particular situation. Owning a properly made and sturdy stand means that you can put your hammock swing almost anywhere for safety and comfort.

The Steel Swing Stand is made of the same high-grade, 12-gauge tubular steel used in our other hammock stands and is capable of supporting up to 450 pounds. The floor bars form an "H" for stability and strength, with additional support wires on either side of each upright that rises out of the cross-points of the "H." The uprights of tubular steel bars are actually heated and curved to make a complete arc from which the hammock swing is suspended. It is 7'5" high, 5'5" wide, and 6' feet in depth (the length of the ground crossbars) in order to ensure stability.

The stand can accommodate single and double rope swings, and single and double cushioned swings, making it a versatile stand for any hammock swing. The baked enamel finish protects the stand from the elements and is an attractive complement to whatever style and color hammock swing you choose. To suit anyone's tastes, the stand is available in three colors: dark green, taupe, or black. All three colors are of textured enamel that will not show fingerprints or smudges, and will blend in perfectly with any outdoor decor.

Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, you can set up your hammock swing and relax anywhere your heart desires. What about a Hammock Swing in the nursery so you can rock the baby to sleep in real comfort, or the family room so the kids can swing while watching television or reading? The baked enamel finish will even protect the Hammock Swing Stand if set up by the pool so that you can swing and read while keeping an eye on the kids. The easy assembly requires no tools, which makes putting it together a breeze. Before long, you will have your hammock set up and ready to be enjoyed.
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