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When you think of a hammock in the backyard, most people picture a hammock tied between two trees, which is what sways them away from hammocks because they have no trees capable of holding a hammock. While this was true for many years, now anyone, anywhere can enjoy a hammock made from a multitude of fabrics and colors. All that is needed to enjoy a hammock is a hammock stand, which comes from simplistic designs to beautiful Roman arc designs, perfect for indoors or outdoors.

To start with, if you do have one tree, you can also purchase a removable hammock post that sits in the ground for the other end of the hammock. This post is 76.5 inches x 2.5 inches and constructed of 11-gauge steel. The post is inserted into a permanent steel sheath flush that fits even with the surface of the ground. When it comes time to mow, you can simply pull the post out and mow right over the opening with no problem.

If you have a three-hanging point hammock with wooden spreaders, a traditional steel stand would reduce the motion that the hammock produces. Specially designed for this type of hammock, this stand comes with protected end caps, a one-inch chain, and two S-hooks. The stand is durable, is powder coated, and can hold 450 pounds with ease.

Another great choice is the 15-foot hammock stand made from steel. This stand is designed for hammocks that have spreader bars, is 13-feet long, and has a powder coating. The powder coating is designed to provide the stand with the highest quality of durability and is rust resistant. This type of stand is hard to scratch, and therefore perfect for placing anywhere outdoors. A 15-foot steel stand is designed to accommodate hammocks with spreader bars that measure from 12- to 13-feet. With the finished with powder coating, you will be able to enjoy this attractive finish for a long time.

As with many of the steel hammock stands, the hanging hardware and the hammock itself are not included, unless you purchase a package. You can even choose your steel stand in a number of colors such as forest green, gray, and black. While some people use this stand for indoors, it is highly recommended for outdoor use only.
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