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Tri-Beam Hammock Stand
This top-of-the-line hammock stand is the ultimate in safety and convenience regardless of the hammock type. When you want the relaxation of a hammock but do not have the right trees to do the job, this stand is the ideal solution. The convenience of being able to relocate your hammock whenever you please is an added bonus and one that most people love.

Made of 12-gauge tubular steel, the tri-beam hammock stand features a H-shaped base for stability, with a central ground bar topped at either end and a cross bar to prevent wobbles. Angled out from the juncture points at either end of the stand are the support bars that rise to hold the ends of the hammock. The full length from mounting bar to mounting bar is 15 feet. Superb welding and tested stabilization provide a safe, sturdy mounting for any full-size or oversized hammock. The stand weighs 66 pounds (the heaviest in the industry), ensuring it will not topple under windy conditions or be knocked over accidentally. The tubular steel is coated with a weather-resistant forest green coating that will withstand years in the elements. All sections of tubular steel are rounded to minimize sharp edges.

Assembly of the Tri-Beam Hammock Stand is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. Instructions are included for ease of assembly, which will take only moments of your time. When properly assembled, the hammock stand will support 600 pounds, making it ideal for even the largest of family-sized hammocks.

The Tri-Beam Hammock Stand is a high-quality, extremely safe hammock stand that is understated in simplicity. With the unique design and green color, your hammock stand will not stand out or distract from the beauty of your backyard or the hammock itself. The reasonable price makes owning a hammock and quality stand something that everyone can achieve.
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