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Hammock swings offer all of the comfort of hammock chairs, but are built so that two or more people can enjoy their comfort and style! Hammock swings, are chairs or benches that are actually suspended from ropes. They are designed to allow people to rock back and forth and enjoy the breeze. Swings differ from traditional hammocks and hammock chairs, in that they usually offer a padded mattress. Some are built for one, while some are built for two or more people.

Most hammock swings have a screen canopy to protect your from the sun and keep you cool on a hot, sunny day. The canopies are most often made of easy to clean linen, meaning you can use your swing in a yard or under a covered porch. They are also designed in such a way that they usually match most standard outdoor décor.

Hammock swings come in a variety of styles - many of which work best with a stand. Others can be mounted on existing structures, such as the roof frame of your porch. Consider where you will use your hammock swing before selecting the one that is best for you.

Like its cousins, the hammock and the hammock chair, hammock swings can be used for anything you want to use them for. They're a great place to spend time with a books, friend or to take a nap. The main use of hammock swings is just to relax and watch the weather.
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