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Wicker Porch Swing
Porch swings are great for relaxing on a warm summer evening, and wicker porch furniture is so elegant, adding beauty and charm to your porch or sunroom. Now combine the two with this all-year wicker porch swing! Mixing the southern charm of wicker with the comfort of a porch swing in one lovely piece, the wicker porch swing is a work of art.

This is a practical piece as well. While it looks just like real wicker, it is actually woven from a high-density, lightweight polypropylene resin over a strong steel frame. The steel frame lends strength and durability, keeping the swing from losing its shape over time. The wicker itself is tightly woven to exacting standards over the frame in the same method used for genuine wicker. However, this wicker will not dry, crack or peel in the hot summer sun. It is impervious to rain and cold temperatures as well, making it a truly year-round porch swing. Durable and lightweight (less than 45 pounds), this swing will be a family favorite sure to become a family heirloom.

The woven resin is practically maintenance free so you have no more scraping, sanding, or painting for this wicker to look great! Available in either white or hunter green to complement any decor, you will love its elegance and attention to detail. A generous stripe of openwork along the back will cool you in the heat of the day and add flair. Curved, rolled arms and back provide comfortable support, and the array of cushions available adds the finishing touch. The swing is a generous 54 inches wide with a 24-inch back. Included with the swing are mounting chains and hardware. You may also want to purchase a print cushion or throw pillows to complete the look and comfort of this attractive swing.

Care of your wicker porch swing is so easy. To clean them, simply rinse with a garden hose and allow to drip dry. If there is staining or an exceptional amount of dirt or grime, simply wash with mild, soapy water. Other than that, simply sit back, relax and swing!
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