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Hammock - Nylon
Many years ago, hammocks were made from natural materials and fibers found in Central and South America. Hammocks today are still made from cotton, like the first hammocks made, but now they are also being made from nylon.

Mayan, one of the finest hammock makers around, makes hammocks that are constructed with handmade nylon thread. These hammocks are amazingly soft and the nylon thread adds even more strength and durability. With hammock chairs, you will find that nylon gives the chairs a nice sheen. Because of this material, they are perfect for both indoors and outdoors, and do not mold like hammocks made from cotton.

For example, you will find a nice one-person hammock that can hold up to 600 pounds. This hammock is five feet wide, yet only weights 2.5 pounds. You will need between 10 and 12 feet to hang this hammock and can choose from a wide selection of color. Best of all, this type and size hammock can usually be purchased for less than $100.

If you want something even bigger, you can go with the king size hammock, which is perfect for stretching out or sitting with a special person to cuddle or simply watch the world pass by. This size of hammock is designed to hold 700 pounds, and measures an impressive seven feet wide by seven feed long. For this hammock, between 12 and 14 feet will be needed for hanging, and like the other hammock, you can choose from many colors.

Some people enjoy the more festive looking hammocks to place by the poolside or to lounge on under the patio. Multi-colored hammocks typically are created with two to six colors, which can be chosen by you. If you are not particular about colors but have just one or two colors that you do not like, send Mayan an e-mail and they will be sure to omit those colors from your hammock design.

Regardless of size of color you choose, you will find that nylon hammocks are extremely comfortable. If the weather is humid, simply place a soft cotton fabric on the hammock to keep cool. Rain or snow will not damage the nylon, meaning the hammock will last you for many years. Check out the hammocks from Mayan and other hammock stores to see if you can find a hammock for your backyard.
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